HOPE Model

The HOPE Model (Human Optimal Psychological Experience) is the theoretical framework for the Tourist Wellbeing Project. This model was build by the core team in the first year of the project giving it the needed background theory for the empirical research.


The theoretical model scheme can be seen below.



HOPE Model

Note. Reprinted/Adapted from Garcês, S., Pocinho, M., & Jesus, S. (2017). “Positive Psychology Research as a Framework for a new conceptual model in Tourism Settings”. In M. Milcu, M. Stevens, & I. Dahl (Eds), Modern Research in Health, Education and Social Sciences. From Evaluation to Intervention. (pp.339-344). Bucaresti: Editura Universitarã. 


For more information regarding the HOPE Model, please, contact the authors through the contact form of this website or by checking their emails on Team.

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